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Connecting Real Estate Investors to Experienced Real Estate Developers

Investment Revenue Realty (IRR) is a North Vancouver-based investment brokerage that connects real estate investors to experienced real estate developers. Our program was created for those interested in the benefits of real estate in their financial portfolio. But you’re unable to spend the time and effort required to acquire and manage the asset. We aim to provide our clients with direct investment opportunities in Canada and the United States. Our sales team are licensed Realtors at IRR to sell real estate in B.C. and dually licensed as dealing representatives through an exempt market dealer, Triview Capital Ltd. to offer private equity investments.


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At Investment Revenue Realty we’re focused on helping you create generational wealth through real estate investment. We aim to provide our clients with the opportunity to invest in turn-key, income-producing real estate and provide direct investment opportunities across North America.  IRR focuses on specific asset classes of real estate in specific markets that aim to maximize your returns and minimize the risk.

Cynthia Aasen & Taylor Steele | IRR Founders

How We’re

In addition to being licensed real estate agents in B.C., our sales team are also registered dealing representatives with an Exempt Market Dealer (EMD), TriView Capital Ltd. TriView was founded to offer retail investors the opportunity to invest in opportunities not available through mutual funds or ETFs. They provide high net worth investors alternative and private investments that also provide tax mitigation strategies. TriView offers our investors private real estate investments that offer attractive returns.

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Cynthia spent the time meet with me personally to walk through the program in a very open, honest and friendly way. Without hesitation, Cynthia offered to help out and jumped in with both feet (and hands too!) Not sure either of us knew where it would lead, but in a period of just a few months, Cynthia and I did 3 transactions together (including my first ever!) and landed me in a final situation I could never imagined…my first house.

– I. Braby, North Vancouver, BC

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