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According to Workopolis there were more than half a million job openings in Canada in November, a 22% jump over the same period last year.   Over 40% of all the job openings in the country were in the western provinces.  Although December job losses were significant, overall 2013 gained over 100,000 jobs.

A very busy year: oil patch hiring activity expected to rise in 2014 – Alberta saw employment surge by 78,000 till November 2013, which kept jobless rates at 4.7% — second lowest in the country after Saskatchewan.

UnEmployment Rate Jan 2014

Near term job prospects up for Calgary and Edmonton – Conference Board of Canada Help Wanted Index led the way in October with a gain of 7.5 points, which was the third consecutive increase for the province.

The western provinces boast the lowest unemployment rates in the country and this trend is poised to continue as Canada emerges as an energy super power.  Not hard to see why of Canada’s top 10 jobs three are in the energy sector.

Be prepared to re-locate to areas that have low unemployment and strong economic growth.

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