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The future of LNG depends on decisions we make today.  There is good reason why Christi Clark is travelling to Asia these days.  Asia needs BC gas; Asia is spending billions of dollars developing terminals to accept Canadian gas; and now is the time to forge strong working relationships to secure long term contracts necessary to attract investment dollars.  Some call this foresight, I call it smart business and making the right decisions at the most opportune time to secure the future for Canadians, more importantly build a strong BC.

TOKYO — THE GLOBE AND MAIL Last updated Tuesday, Jan. 21 2014, 6:52 AM EST


But in world energy markets, this addition to the Tokyo Gas Ohgishima LNG Terminal – the largest tank of its kind – is an unambiguous signpost of the broad energy transformation under way in Japan. Nearly three years after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Japan is only part-way through the work of preparing for a rush of new overseas energy imports, one that stands to see tankers filled with Canadian LNG among the 69 ships each year that pour out their cargoes at Ohgishima. Read more…

Quick Facts:

  • Japan is the world’s third-largest economy and remains a high-tech powerhouse.
  • Japan is British Columbia’s third-largest export destination, as B.C. leads Canadian provinces in trade with Japan, with $4.2 billion of Canada’s $10.4 billion in exports to Japan in 2012. B.C.’s exports to Japan are two times higher than the next leading province.

B.C. natural gas reserves more than twice the initial estimate, new report says

Chinese consortium antes up $12 million for LNG lands in B.C.

New LNG plants planned for Vancouver, Edmonton

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