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How We Make It RealSimple

At Investment Revenue Realty we’ve developed a proven strategy for real estate investing. We call it: RealSimple.

RealSimple shows you how to invest and where to invest in real estate. Our agents know the market and will find the safest and most profitable ways to invest your money in real estate.

Building A Retirement Income You Might Never Outlive

Real Estate Investment Plan

Trust our award winning and knowledgeable agents to help you plan your investment goals. We take your money very seriously and ensure you get the highest quality investments.

Invest At Any Age

No matter your age, investing in real estate will help create a reliable income source that you may never outlive.

Invest when you’re young:

…to lay the foundation of your wealth portfolio, to build equity in proven markets, and to free yourself to concentrate on work and personal goals.

Invest when you’re in your prime:

…to build your wealth portfolio, capture the proven growth of property value and grow while you concentrate on work and family.

Invest when you’re ready to retire:

…to grow your retirement fund, provide monthly retirement income, and to free you to concentrate on travel or a hobby or whatever your heart desires.

Weekly Webinars

Join us online to learn about North America’s Top Real Estate Markets

The key to successful investing is education. Join an Investment Revenue Realty webinar to find out more about the real estate investment opportunities that might be right for you. More →

Workshops & Seminars

Learn From Experts With Years of Experience in Real Estate Investing

At our FREE workshop, you’ll learn from industry experts on how to make real estate investing work for you, proven methods for the biggest returns, and insider access. More →

Investor Tours

Get a hands-on look at amazing real estate investments

Join us on a one day tour of a real, in-the-flesh investment property. It’s everything you need to know, all in one day! More →

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